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Legal translations are considered to be one of the most complex areas of translation, distinguished by a unique language, style and terminology. Therefore, in order to perform high quality legal translations, not only excellent language skills, but also legal knowledge is required. The translators who perform legal translations must perfectly the complexities of the legal field, its complex formulations, differences in the legal systems of different countries, specific legal terms, and must be familiar with normative acts and laws and know the requirements and standards applicable to legal documents.

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We, AS KOMFORTS, are one of the leading companies in the Baltic countries engaged in the design and manufacturing of thermal power equipment, and we are grateful to Baltic Translations for their successful cooperation in providing us with high quality and timely translations. Since we are satisfied with our current cooperation, we will continue to use Baltic Translations’ services in the future.


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We found Baltic Translations on the internet, and after trying the service several times, we were satisfied with the quality and the efficiency of the translations. We have now cooperated for several years.
We are also grateful that we always receive answers to our inquiries very quickly.


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