Technical & Legal translations into 100 languages

Team of professional translators

Baltic Translations Agency employs experienced and qualified translators and editors with a university education in linguistics. All of our translators must meet our demanding requirements for translation methodology knowledge and expertise.

Linguistic competence:

  • All translators for Baltic Translations must have the ability to adapt their translation according to its direct purpose and readership. All texts are translated in line with grammar, vocabulary and style requirements. Our translators must select their terminology professionally, and submit their translation in smooth, clear language and in the desired style. The translators working in our agency always translate into their native language. Excellent language skills and experience in the field of translation allows the translators to produce high quality work in both written and oral translations. Our specialists must know both their native language and the foreign language(s) perfectly; must be able to convey a translated idea easily; and must ensure the translation is of very high accuracy and quality.

Efficiency competence:

  • Each of our translators specialises in a particular area: business, technical, medical, IT, entertainment, etc. This ensures your translation will be carried out by a professional with specialist knowledge and work experience in the area, who is very familiar with the terminology and concepts that are understandable only to experts. Excellent linguistic knowledge and experience ensures that the translation will be done precisely; it will not contain any errors; and the recipient will receive clear and easy to understand information that will facilitate intercommunication and help avoid misunderstandings.

IT competence:

  • Our translators are skilled at preparing for professional translations, and can translate using translation software, document conversions, data processing, and other programs necessary for their work.

Official competence:

  • Our translators undertake to perform their translations in a timely and accurate manner, and to a high quality standard.
  • Our translators correctly select the source text terminology to use specific terms and expressions in their translation.
  • Our translators undertake to treat the information obtained during the translation as confidential.
  • A commitment to accuracy and accountability to the client allows our translators to work without errors and to provide high quality translations.

Experience competence:

  • Most translators for Baltic Translations Agency have worked in this area for more than seven years, and some of our translators even have 30 years of experience in the field of translation. The experience and knowledge accumulated during this period allows our translators to perform high quality, accurate and precise translations, which fully meet the client’s expectations. Our translators are skilled in translating texts of different complexity and various specifications, and have excellent knowledge of current linguistic norms, cultural differences and language subtleties.

Management competence:

  • All projects are individual, so they are carried out according to each client’s needs
  • All pricing and working solutions are tailored to each client individually
  • All client orders are recorded and controlled using an automated database, to guarantee that all translations are performed and returned on time

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