Technical & Legal translations into 100 languages

Document format

Any document you want to be translated can be sent to us in a variety of formats. Using different programmes we will keep the source document format throughout the translation. If a PDF document was created in a programme designed for a specific layout, we always ask that you send us the original document. If you have a scanned document, we will convert it using an OCR programme, complete the text layout, translate the document and return it in the format you desire.

Formats for technical, legal, medical and financial documentation (various product instructions for use, drawings, safety data sheets, staff training briefing texts, tests, etc.):
txt, csvdoc, dot, docx, dotx, odp, ods, odt, pot, pps, ppt, potm, potx, xls, xlt, xlsm, xlsx, htm, html, pdf.

Formats for catalogues and for publications (catalogues of products and goods, websites, posters, articles, etc.):
rtf, pdf, fm, mif, inx, idml, icml, jpg, tif, gif, png, raw, xhtml, xliff, po.

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