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We are pleased to be recognised as a reliable partner when translating technical, legal, medical and financial documents, and will translate your documents into any language of your choice. Our specialists in IT, mechanics and automation engineering will be happy to advise you on all applications and translation-related issues.

Translations of technical documents:

  • Translations of CAD drawings
  • Thesis translations
  • Translations of engineering software catalogues
  • Translations of engineering training materials
  • Translations of engineering software specifications
  • Translations of engineering software installation manuals
  • Translations of engineering software operating manuals
  • Translations of technical websites
  • Translations of IT documents
  • Translations of patents
  • Translations of Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Software translations
  • Translations of scientific and technical literature
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Translations of legal documents require not only translation expertise, but also the appropriate knowledge and experience to work with legal documents. Our translators and editors who specialise in the field of law will ensure the highest quality of these translations.

Translations of legal documents:

  • Translations of Articles of Association
  • Translations of Judicial Proceedings
  • Translations of Powers of Attorney
  • Translations of Laws
  • Translations of Employment Contracts
  • Translations of Certificates
  • Translations of Patent Documentation
  • Translations of Judgments
  • Translations of Legal Acts
  • Translations of European Legal Rules
  • Translations of Insurance Contracts
  • Translations of Legal Websites
  • Translations of Work Safety Documentation
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When performing translations of medical documents, the translators and editors who specialise in medicine will ensure the correct use of terminology for medicines, medical equipment and promotional articles.

Translations of medical and pharmaceutical documents:

  • Translations of medical equipment descriptions
  • Translations of medical training materials
  • Translations of medical prescriptions
  • Translations of medical magazines
  • Translations of medical labels
  • Translations of Patient Assessment Results (PARs)
  • Translations of production process descriptions
  • Translations of laboratory test documentation
  • Translations of clinical research reports
  • Translations of medical websites
  • Translations of clinical test results
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Our document translations are performed by translators who have particular financial, banking and economic knowledge, as well as experience in the translation of these specific kinds of texts, ensuring excellent knowledge of the terminology and stylistic features. This knowledge is gained through a financial or economic education, so that our translators are familiar with business accounting standards, as well as international accounting standards and legislation, enabling them to carry out the translations of all financial documents professionally and efficiently.

Translations of financial documents:

  • Translations of business plans
  • Translations of market research
  • Translations of business reports
  • Translations of corporate balance sheets
  • Translations of annual reports
  • Translations of semi-annual reports
  • Translations of investment projects
  • Translations of audit findings
  • Translations of financial websites
  • Translations of annual performance evaluations
  • Translations of financial contracts
  • Translations of tender documents
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Document proofreading:

  1. For your convenience, you can contact us at any time of the day, 365 days a year.
  2. We will provide proposals and answers to your inquiries within 10 to 30 minutes.
  3. We provide exclusive discounts for translation services to our regular customers.
  4. Translation certification services are provided to regular customers free of charge.
  5. Delivery of documents to regular customers is also free of charge.
  6. We always guarantee the strictest confidentiality of all documents.

We, AS KOMFORTS, are one of the leading companies in the Baltic countries engaged in the design and manufacturing of thermal power equipment, and we are grateful to Baltic Translations for their successful cooperation in providing us with high quality and timely translations. Since we are satisfied with our current cooperation, we will continue to use Baltic Translations’ services in the future.


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We found Baltic Translations on the internet, and after trying the service several times, we were satisfied with the quality and the efficiency of the translations. We have now cooperated for several years.
We are also grateful that we always receive answers to our inquiries very quickly.


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