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Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is a form of interpretation where the speaker takes turns with the translator: the speaker takes a break after finishing a thought or a part of a speech, and during this break the interpreter translates the essence of that thought. Usually, there are two interpreters working in rotation, to ensure a high translation quality, as well as accuracy and clarity. Well-prepared interpreters are able to narrate speeches that are 10 minutes long, or sometimes even longer. This system is effective provided there are no more than ten listeners. Consecutive interpreting is the easiest, and for the customer the least expensive way of interpreting. This method of interpreting is often used during business meetings and other types of negotiations, discussions and presentations, as well as during conferences, seminars, lectures, (in)formal meetings, visits and other events. When ordering a consecutive interpretation, one must consider the following:

  • Consecutive interpreting will extend the time of a presentation, discussion or seminar
  • The interpreter has direct contact with the speaker and the listeners, which can have a significant impact during a discussion or negotiation
  • An experienced and well prepared interpreter will improve negotiations and promote the speaker’s articulation
  • Interpreting will be of a higher quality if the interpreter is able to access any auxiliary material before the event

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